Brand Development

Your brand is an important asset in driving future growth, increasing in value, & creating consistent communication. Brand identity establishes a defined, unified and identifiable presence for the company.


Website Design

We will work together to design a website that is aligned with your brand. Squarespace is an all-in-one content management system that I use to build websites. Squarespace provides templates and tools to design with no coding or web development experience required.


Video Tutorials

Once the foundation for your brand and website is established, you will have access to tutorials on how to make edits to your website and create graphics using Web-based applications that align with your brand.


Email Campaigns

With the Squarespace Email Campaigns feature, we can develop on-brand emails as beautiful as your website.


Online Scheduling

Squarespace has partnered with Acuity Scheduling. You can use the Acuity Block to embed a client scheduler visitors can use to book appointments without leaving your site.


Training Meetings

Training meetings include my initial presentation and a discovery conversation at the onset of your project. During the development stage we will meet to finalize your brand image. The fourth meeting is a delivery meeting where I show you how to use the Squarespace platform.


Design Templates

Print materials and social media content should align with your brand for consistent communication. Design templates will be created using Google docs and will live in your brand folder. These templates will use your brand colors, fonts, and logo.


Photos & Video

Images create a powerful impression in the first few seconds a visitor is on your site. People want to know how your product or service will make their life better. When people see your marketing materials they should see images of satisfied current users.


SEO Boost

Squarespace sites are already optimized for search engines by default. However, there are steps we can take to increase your sites visibility in search results. Clear headings that describe content make it easier for search engines and visitors make sense of your site.